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  • ももちめっちゃ可愛い。宇宙一可愛い。

    みにみに9 ヶ月 前
  • Buono!は銀河で最強の三人組ガールズロックユニットだよな。

    Michitaka NewmikadoMichitaka Newmikado11 ヶ月 前
  • 2:23

    on chion chi2 年 前
  • 親戚と家族と兄弟で評判w

    社長社長4 年 前
  • Buono! ってほんとグダグダだなw 超面白い

    可愛すぎももち可愛すぎももち7 年 前
  • Airi used to be my idol back then. But i didn't follow buono and c-ute for afew years, only checking from year to year. I've realise that the recent years i've been behaving like airi's weird childishness here. Kind of awkward, lame, cute and hyper :) Maybe i caught it from her?

    TaemRanchoTaemRancho8 年 前
  • 桃子はほんとはこういう役割が合ってる。 暴走する愛理につっこみつつ仕切る。 そして桃子がうざキャラを出してきたらみーやんが「はいはい」って感じでw Buono!はカンペキなバランス。 もっとテレビに出る機会があればなぁー。

    dhbssdhbss9 年 前
  • 愛理、おもしろいしカワイイ

    昇馬古澤昇馬古澤9 年 前
  • Miaby deu haduken na momoko mas airi Wins

    MrIgnissMrIgniss9 年 前
  • あら、可愛い

    真田平蔵真田平蔵9 年 前
  • BAHAHA I love these girls xD

    ShootingStars303ShootingStars3039 年 前
  • buono wa kawaii desu! ^^

    Hannah GilbertHannah Gilbert9 年 前
  • 3人ともおもしろい! 実力も十分だからもっと売れてほしいな

    阿胃阿胃9 年 前
  • Airi: hwasaaa~.... hwasaaaa~~

    ohasumirawrohasumirawr9 年 前
  • 愛理が歌ってたのは夏ダカラ!だったんだwww MV公開されて気づいたwロックな感じになってるw

    ayaairi0625ayaairi06259 年 前
  • 最初のももち、だいぶガチのパワーでみやにぶっとばされとる 笑

    YasuoYasuo9 年 前
  • What were they saying?????

    None of your BusinessNone of your Business9 年 前
  • バカな家族と兄弟を持ってしまったのですねww それはさて置き 良いんじゃないの!この曲

    Mr130392Mr1303929 年 前
  • 私は彼らのチャネルが大好き!ボーノを行く!

    Hanna YooHanna Yoo9 年 前
  • 私はグループが好きです Buono! 特に、 嗣永桃子 Las quiero mucho chicas y gracias por mostrarse tal como son,una sugerencia ustedes no saben que gusto me daria escucharlas decir algunas palabras en castellano es mi lengua,se algunas palabras en japones, que sigan los exitos un abrazo saludos desde el peru. Matane.

    Pachichin2012Pachichin20129 年 前
  • あいりが歌ってたのは マジ歌だったんだねw

    Ja-ken!Ja-ken!9 年 前
  • 英語のコメント多いですね! ちょっと以外でびっくりしました! でも実力がある証拠だよねッ 愛理超かわいい←今更だけどw 夏ダカラ絶対買うねぇ~~~~~ こらからも応援していきます☆ ぼーのダイスキ

    本河藍那本河藍那9 年 前
  • I love Buono, but they're scary and acting like childs.....

    juuuw03juuuw039 年 前
  • LOL! Airi is always doing the weird stuff LOL. I love her. Watashi wa anata o aishite Airi!!!

    Yana BananaYana Banana9 年 前
  • @Joreen95 Totally agreed. Please come to Singapore with C-ute too!!

    K.W. NGK.W. NG9 年 前
  • This was the only hello project group i knew about for practically 3 years (watched shugo chara) and in like january i rewatched the show and looked up buono to see if they had any new releases and i saw they were making a comeback single and then i learned about all these other groups and i really like them, but buono will always be my favorite

    Andrew xaviorAndrew xavior9 年 前
  • really new single !!!!!

    aa9 年 前
  • momoko is cute~ but miyabi has to be my favorite though ^^

    ZukkiniLoverZukkiniLover9 年 前
  • JPworlds live希望

    TheAiwotomeTheAiwotome9 年 前
  • 愛理推走咪雅的動作有點弱掉= = 推不走˙˙˙

    V_StartV_Start9 年 前
  • come to america, or ill come to your concerts! lmao Buono all the wayy

    Maria SorianoMaria Soriano9 年 前
  • Buono! Daisukii

    gefelicegefelice9 年 前
  • しゃべくり出て欲しいwww

    かっぱ。かっぱ。9 年 前
  • 嗣永 桃子!!!! 私はあなたを愛して!

    mecchamomomecchamomo9 年 前
  • @marche077 sorry i couldnt translate the rest T.T i guess its better than nothing, ne?

    raecawraecaw9 年 前
  • @marche077 (next, this is a VERY ROUGH translation, most of it is guesswork) momo: 'yes! so let's get down to it!' everyone: ' WE HAVE A NEW SINGLE, NATSU DAKARA!! (because it's summer)' momo: 'yaay! airi, when is it coming out?' airi: 'on the 20th of july!' momo: 'brilliant!' *clapclap* (the next bit i couldnt translate.. sorry!! T.T) 1:34 momo: so we are going to do a sneak peek! miya and airi: really? miya: everyone.. momo: wanna hear? *yaay* momo: ok then! music? everyone MUSIC START! next>

    raecawraecaw9 年 前
  • @marche077 its somewhere along the lines of this: momo: 'Hello, everyone watching on JPworlds! I’m Tsugunaga Momoko, rumored by my relatives to be the most beautiful 19-year-old in the solar system- AHHHH' miya: 'All you JPworlds viewers! I’m Natsuyaki Miyabi, rumored by my family to be the most beautiful 18-year-old in the Milky Way!' airi: Everyone watching JPworlds! Hello! I’m Suzuki Airi, rumored by siblings to be the most beautiful 17-year-old in the univeeerse! all: We're Buono!! continue->

    raecawraecaw9 年 前
  • Is it just me or does Airi always seem like she is high? XD I love it.

    bekluvsdirubekluvsdiru9 年 前
  • Aishiteru!! ^-^

    Cutie PieCutie Pie9 年 前
  •  提案ですがこれだけ海外で人気があるのですからbouno!はハロプロの海外事業部としての役割を与えてはいかがなもんかな。   それぞれベリキューでちゃんと売上も上げてるし存在感もあるのだからbouno!ではアーティスト志向&海外進出のポジションを別に与えて活動すれば存在対効果が出ると思う。

  • 7/20 kawaii

    Dulce Maria S. M.Dulce Maria S. M.9 年 前
  • Hay que emoción estoy igual que cuando salio Zassou no uta ^o^ ansiosa, yo había leído que hoy saldría pero al final parece que no, seguiré esperando :D

    Gina BandaGina Banda9 年 前
  • Oh...hell no.. Why must such narrow-minded people ruin this funnily cute Buono! video? That stuff about Momo.. Okay, so the word "gross" might sound kinda harsh or whatever in English, but maybe that person meant "kimoi" which isn't actually bad. Already assuming someone is a hater. And why pull my precious Miya in there? Seriously, you guys can talk shit about each other, but don't you dare talk crap about my girls.. (-_-) How rude.. Anyway, Buono! Saikou!

    WolfzXMiyaWolfzXMiya9 年 前
  • みんなはっちゃけててかわいいなぁ

    (ゆ)(ゆ)9 年 前
  • lololol MIYABI!!! The MOST BEAUTIFUL 18-year old girl in the WORLD! xD

    tEtZ05tEtZ059 年 前
  • やっぱ愛理はBuono!のほうがリミッターを外してやってる感があるね

    YasuoYasuo9 年 前
  • Hey! Long time no see! ^-^ I am so excited for Buono's new song!!! It will be awesome!!!! (*^o^*)

    Kirby SKirby S9 年 前
  • @YeahSukaiHai From what I know, Miyabi is actual pretty decent in english so, she might be able to read more than what she is given credit for.

    hoperz97hoperz979 年 前
  • I hope Miya-chan gets to be center again in the new single! :) please I miss you being center! :D

    kairinaminemixkairinaminemix9 年 前
  • *-*

    ValeBelugaValeBeluga9 年 前
  • Momoooooo!!!!!!!! Miyaaaaaaa!!!! Airiiiiiiiii!!!!!! Minna Dasuki!!!!! l

    Ari 。KiAri 。Ki9 年 前
  • Alguien traduzca esto al castellano!!(traduce) or english but I can't understand japanesse I need to know what they say!!

    TchiarotTchiarot9 年 前
  • こんにちは! いつオーストラリアにコンサートを催しにいきますか? あなたの音楽は大好きだし、すごいと思うし、 本当に生演奏を見たくて、Buono!

    ReiHinoRocksReiHinoRocks9 年 前
  • 早く聴きたい('-')

    BuonolaughBuonolaugh9 年 前
  • どうしようwww笑いが止まらないwww 本当みんなかわいくておもしろいなぁ><! でもライブになるとめっちゃかっこよかったりするから、そのギャップがすごいと思う!! 新曲買わないと今年の夏は始まらない!!

    utana0329utana03299 年 前
  • New single ... for my birthday *-* very happy :3 !

    AnaaAnaa9 年 前
  • I really wish i was the person behind the camera :D Please every day a new single and every hour one more such funny video ! xDD WE LOVE ~ Buono! ^^

    x3ykgermanyx3ykgermany9 年 前
  • When is it being released? im exited x3

    kirarox012kirarox0129 年 前
  • Hey everyone. SHUT THE FUCK UP! :) Momo is great, Miyabi is great, Airi is great. They all are and they are all equally good. You don't like them? Don't listen to them. No stop hating on girls you have never even met and get a fucking life, you don't know them so how about you all just shut you mouths and grow up. :D

    Jack MilburnJack Milburn9 年 前
  • You know what? If you don't like them, what's the point in watching them? If you've got an opinion, fine, but if it's a bad one, keep it to yourself, because no one wants to hear it. Buono is awesome. End of.

    eva ヽ( ´ ▽ ` )ノeva ヽ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ9 年 前
  • みやび、指パッチンうまいなあ

    bujaramabujarama9 年 前
  • 未完成なんか~~~い!!

    tugupurotugupuro9 年 前
  • めっちゃ楽しみ!!!

    アキアキ9 年 前
  • Best Song Ever confirmed.

    jksanriojksanrio9 年 前
  • 愛理はなんて滑舌悪いんだ。 字幕がなかったら、わからんかった。 可愛いなー。

    田原真由美田原真由美9 年 前
  • Haaa, I like the "masu-masu-hai" at 1:01

    ailuromancieailuromancie9 年 前
  • Yeah ~ finally back !! ^^ I really could not wait one day longer ! :D LOVE ~ Buono! !!

    x3ykgermanyx3ykgermany9 年 前
  • I hope you guys know that the girls probably do look at the comments and can understand a little bit of english. So if they see words like "hate" and "i dont like" and other simple adjectives next to their names, they can figure out what you are saying. It would make them sad that so many people, specifically english speakers, dont like them or their team members. I think if we want them to perform in another country again we need to show what we like about our idol group not what we hate=/

    YeahSukaiHaiYeahSukaiHai9 年 前
  • @HPsubs1713 No one did yet so it's okay^^ I just wrote what I heard ^^; I had read somewhere that it's titled "Natsu DAKARA" but forgot since I'm not really following the news to the release ^^; Though still thank You for correcting me!

    Welniuke12Welniuke129 年 前
  • 服もBuono!も超可愛い!!爽やかな曲なんだっ!!wktk!!

    すずきゆうすけすずきゆうすけ9 年 前
  • Airi Hello~~ :p airi is so random xD such a dork xD haha so funny :p these 3 are so funny :p

    Hoi-YanHoi-Yan9 年 前
  • Love it- thanks so much for posting! More Buono! always makes my day a little better!

    Jeremy KuhneJeremy Kuhne9 年 前
  • The chemistry between these three is amazing. BUONO! ROCKS! Momoko is my favorite and the most beautiful, to me anyway, But that's like trying to choose which of Monet's paintings are the most beautiful! They are ALL beautiful, talented, funny, sweet and inspiring. I wish more young girls here in America knew of them and their other groups Berryz Kobo and C-ute. They are such great role models for young girls and so awesomely cool without being crass or overtly sexy and vulgar..

    Josh MosbyJosh Mosby9 年 前
  • buono cant wait for the new single

    Jun YangJun Yang9 年 前
  • Up-Front will not let fans comment on vdo again because of something stupid we are doing now

    7238thaifan7238thaifan9 年 前
  • @TheRandyalex I beg to differ! Momo is the BEST by far!

    MynnMynn9 年 前
  • Miyabi's shoving Momo was amazing xD

    xxnagatoyukixxxxnagatoyukixx9 年 前
  • ちょー可愛い! この仲良しな感じがBuono!なんだよね!

    lychee15mlychee15m9 年 前
  • Ok Ok stop fighting, we all know airi is the best

    TheRandyalexTheRandyalex9 年 前
  • @ShyCuttie17 Madie was Quoting from the Movie "Mean Girl's" since u guys used to be such good friends, but are completely horrible now~

    DancerBoyKDancerBoyK9 年 前
  • OH MY GOSH I'M SO EXCITED I LOVE BUONO!!!!! 愛してる ボーノ!!!

    TheAsianReviewsTheAsianReviews9 年 前
  • @MadieBomber just stop please x.x ignore her miyabi is great all three are :) dont let her get to you

    shiori012shiori0129 年 前
  • @DancerBoyK just drop it, yes i called momo gross but i do like her she is one of my fave H!P girls to much cute is gross to me especially when i feel it is forced. And im a she x3 and i was having a conversation with someone,of course its natural for me to defend myself and get angry..im sorry if i offended you in anyway im deleting my comments on momo.

    shiori012shiori0129 年 前
  • @MomoFangirl its alright XD your inner wota came out XD mines comes out too

    shiori012shiori0129 年 前
  • :D ty~ for understanding i do also think miya is the best she got me into H!P ^^ so of course she gonna be my fave

    shiori012shiori0129 年 前
  • @MomoFangirl agree -..- sorry if you were offended by momo opnion >.> i dint think a whole argument would start x.x

    shiori012shiori0129 年 前
  • 0:12 Miyabi just OWNED Momo XD

    watercat8watercat89 年 前

    DancerBoyKDancerBoyK9 年 前
  • @QuetzalElla o.o thats your opinion dear~ :3 XD wow i guess OPINIONS are wrong~ Point is i never said i hated momo and she tried saying i hated her the point i proved is i dont hate her O.o are you confused child? :3 im tired of these child like games

    shiori012shiori0129 年 前
  • 未完成ワロタwww初回盤買おう!

    kotakota9 年 前
  • hahahaha they are funny!! and what the hell was airi trying to do at the end? xD

    worldofelegance15worldofelegance159 年 前
  • i cant wait for the new single i like how H!P is throwing alot of them in our faces X3 i hope they put money into the pv

    shiori012shiori0129 年 前
  • @ShyCuttie17 i will~ ty for bringing me entertainment~ you made me and my friend lol so hard :3 so funny how u want me to hate momo XDD ohohoho~

    shiori012shiori0129 年 前
  • Airi is so cute~~~♥♥♥ I can't wait for the new single! :D (they're going to release a mini album in august too! ♥) Buono loveeeeee! ^-^

    AtaliaChanAtaliaChan9 年 前
  • @Shisao whooo wir sind schon 4!! Buono come to Europe!!

    MiracleHappyLoveMiracleHappyLove9 年 前
  • @ShyCuttie17 I WILL >:DDD ILL SMELL HER ESSENCE UNTIL IM HIGH!! >:DDD dont be mad cause i told u off~~ and proved u wrong~~ :D

    shiori012shiori0129 年 前
  • (^O^☆♪ A new Song , Sugoi !!! (>w

    Julie SuikaJulie Suika9 年 前
  • Airi !

    Julie SuikaJulie Suika9 年 前
  • Yayy! New Buono! song :D Cant wait to hear it

    airuchuairuchu9 年 前
  • @ShyCuttie17 I never said i hated her~ she is just gross~

    shiori012shiori0129 年 前